In LOD we want our drinks to reach your hands in the best conditions, that’s why we pack them in Vitbot biomimetic, active and sustainable bottles. Vitbot bottles, thanks to their ovoid shape inspired by nature, allow water and beverage components to move in a vortex in a natural way. As a consequence, our drinks maintain their ingredients in a uniform dissolution and thanks to that you assimilate in a more efficient way the properties and benefits of each of them.

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Life uses the spin to stay alive. From elementary particles to galaxies, everything in the universe moves in a vortex. The water of the rivers, seas and oceans also rotates in vortex, in this way it is cleaned and preserved in good condition. Without turning movement there is no life.

Our ancestors used ovoid containers to store water, wine, oils … Amphoras and pitchers do not have this ovoid shape by chance.

The industrial revolution initiated an era of great progress for humanity, but also truncated the dialogue that man had with nature from the beginning of his existence and from which he obtained information that applied to his life. In the name of progress, we begin to relate to nature as if it were an inexhaustible store of raw materials. In the name of progress, engineers have been forced to design standardized industrial processes that increase production and reduce costs, with the consequent repercussions of this immediacy system it causes to the essence of products, the people who work on them and the planet.

Luckily, as Janine M. Benyus says, “We begin a new era based, not on what we can extract from the natural world, but on what the natural world can teach us.”

In LOD we have learned from nature, that’s why we decided to use Vitbot biomimetic bottles to pack our drinks. Just as the fruit is preserved inside a seed, we want our drinks to be kept inside the Vitbot ovoid bottles to preserve the properties of our drinks to the maximum so that they reach your hands as a living drink.

Hypertonic & Living Sea Water

Sea water remineralizes, provides energy and regulates intestinal transit.

It is perfect for nasal and throat cleaning (gargling). It also works as a mouthwash that disinfects teeth and gums. 

It nourishes and cleans the skin. Moreover, it helps to cicatrize wounds, spots or eczemas. 

Thanks to its high degree of mineralization, seawater is perfect for athletes and to recover quickly and naturally from the daily burnout.

Its pH 8.4 is good to alkalize our body.

LOD seawater is microfiltered, free of heavy metals and microplastics.

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“The egg is the only closed shape that spontaneously generates vortex motion”

Viktor Schauberger