The liquid generation

The body of human beings is water from seventy to eighty percent. We are “liquid beings.” Three quarters of the planet Earth are water. Our planet is also a “liquid being.” Between 80 and 90% of the beverages we usually drink is water. Water is our element and our essential food, the only one we cannot live without. Convinced of the value that water has for all beings that inhabit the planet Earth, we have created the Liquid Generation movement.

The Liquid Generation movement was born with the idea of ​​connecting all the people, companies, entities and organizations that, like us, know the properties and potentials of water and dedicate their time, money and / or effort to protect it.

In the Liquid Generation movement there is room for:

  • People who care for the water they drink and drink the water they care for.
  • Entities and organizations that work to clean up rivers, seas and oceans.
  • Companies that have made ocean plastic recycling the center of their activity.
  • Scientists who study and disseminate the mysteries and characteristics of water, both physically and subtly.

With the Liquid Generation we want to create a network, a meeting place, a platform to give voice to the water.

At LOD we believe that each of us is like a wave within the great ocean of life. Together we can generate a powerful movement of positive change.

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“Water is the matrix of life. There is no life without water”

Albert Szcent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize in Medicine