All our drinks are made from an essential ingredient: GRATITUDE

We thank nature for its teachings

From it we have learned how to preserve the properties of our drinks. That’s why we use Vitbot biomimetic bottles, designed following three patterns that Nature uses when it wants to preserve and maintain life: The ovoid form, the phi ratio, and the vortex movement.

The seed contains and preserves life. Vitbot bottles contain and preserve our drinks.

We thank nature for food

From it we get our raw material. That is why we only use ingredients with Ecological or Biodynamic certification, and we avoid subjecting them to processes that destroy their nutrients.

It is a way to pay tribute to food and our body.

We thank nature for land, air, and water

From them we receive life. Therefore, in our manufacturing and packaging process, we only use recyclable materials.

Caring for the wonderful planet we live in makes us happy.

The more our world resembles the natural world, the more likely we are to be right.

Janine M. Benyus