About us

When we created our Vitbot company in California in 2014, we moved it with an idea: to evolve the world of packaging.

We are convinced that our ovoid bottles, inspired by nature, are the missing link within the bottling chain in the water and food beverage sector, especially within the Organic and Demeter products.

We know that consumers are increasingly aware, and demand quality drinks made responsibly. Brands also strive to find the best raw materials as the basis of their products. In the same way, luckily, more and more people read the labels and check the ingredients of a product, before buying it. However, there are still few consumers who look at the shape of the bottle and, even less, those who are aware of how that shape affects the quality of the content they select so carefully.

It is true that at present, at the material level, most beverage producers are making a great effort to use recycled and recyclable bottles, but very few have taken the step towards a new “form” of bottles, even knowing that “form affects content.”

This resistance is not due to laziness or lack of awareness, but because the bottling industry is a very competitive sector. Production lines and packaging are designed by engineers, whose objectives have so far been to reduce costs and facilitate storage and transport. Bottles with straight walls and flat bottoms are ideal for achieving these objectives.

We have designed an ovoid bottle with an ovoid bottom, an egg, come on!

It is clear that in our beginnings we knew a lot about life geometry, how shape affects content, and the importance of extracting efficient models from nature that improve our life and our products, but we knew little about production chains.

During these years we have opened roads, we have distributed our Vitbot bottles and carafes of the personal line through Europe and the United States, we have solved the obstacles and our bottles of the industrial line can already be packaged in conventional production chains, we have closed co-brandings , we have counted around the world the advantages of packaging in our Vitbot bottles, and we have found some wonderful partners without whom we could not continue with this exciting adventure.

Today, with our new LOD brand, Living and Organic Drinks, we have decided to go one step further. We have decided to pack those drinks that we would like to find on the shelves of stores and supermarkets. They are drinks made with organic ingredients, without added sugars, without additives, without gluten, non-GMO, vegan and packaged in the biomimetic, active and sustainable Vitbot bottles.


“Water is the matrix of life.

There is no life without water”

Albert Sczent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize in Medicine