Kombucha LOD, lime & ginger flavor – Pack de 6 bottles 555 ml.

Fermented drink of millenary origin, made from tea and scoby (colony of bacteria and yeasts). The natural carbonation and its combination of lime and ginger, makes it a very appetizing and healthy drink. 

Organic: Ingredients: Mineral water, fair trade whole cane sugar *, green tea *, lime *, ginger* and Kombucha culture, * from organic farming.

Living: Packed in Vitbot bottle. Unpasteurized. No loss of nutrients or vitamins.

Sustainable: 100% vegetable bottle or 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Removable and recyclable label.

Uses: Drink rich in live microorganisms. To the benefits of Kombucha we have added the flavor of macerated organic lime and ginger, which makes this drink a tasty and healthy soft drink. Ideal to drink during meals or as a refreshment at any other time of the day.

Only available in Spain