LOD Seawater – Pack of 6 non-reusable rPET bottles. Bottles and lids free of BPA.

Ingredients: 100% ultrafiltered seawater. (The micro-holes in the filtration membrane prevent the passage of heavy metals and microplastics into the water). Seawater from LOD is captured at a depth of 38 meters in a maritime area declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (1997).

Bottled in Vitbot bottle: biomimetic, active and sustainable. Presentation of the product in a non-reusable rPET (recycled and recyclable) bottle, 555ml and in cobalt blue. BPA free cap and bottles.

How to use: Drink 50-100 ml / day. Other uses: Useful for rinsing and cleaning gums, teeth, nostrils and skin.