Water kefir – Pack of 6 bottles of 555 ml. Unpasteurized.

Launch Offer:
1 Box of 6 Kefir Water

It has the same benefits as milk kefir, but without adding fat or lactose. It is made with tibic nodules. Ideal for people who have decided not to ingest products derived from animal milk or lactose intolerant.

Uses: Digestive drink rich in live microorganisms. To the benefits of Kefir we have added the flavor of macerated organic dates and figs, which make this drink a tasty and healthy soft drink. Ideal to drink during meals or as a refreshment at any other time of the day.

LOD Water Kefir is a drink:


Its ingredients come from organic farming.


Packaged in the Vitbot bottle. Unpasteurized. No loss of nutrients or vitamins.


100% vegetable bottle or 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Removable and recyclable label.

Only available in Spain