Kombucha LOD, apple & cinnamon flavor- Pack de 6 bottles of 555 ml.

Fermented drink of millenary origin, made from tea and scoby (colony of bacteria and yeasts). The natural carbonation and its combination of lime and ginger, makes it a very appetizing and healthy drink.

Organic: Ingredients: Mineral water, whole cane sugar from fair trade *, green tea *, apple*, cinnamon *, Kombucha cultivation, * organically grown.

Living: Packed in Vitbot bottle. Unpasteurized. No loss of nutrients or vitamins.

Sustainable: 100% vegetable bottle or 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Removable and recyclable label.

Uses: Drink rich in live microorganisms. To the benefits of Kombucha we have added the flavor of macerated organic lime and ginger, which makes this drink a tasty and healthy soft drink. Ideal to drink during meals or as a refreshment at any other time of the day.

Only available in Spain