Triskel Sport, Kids & Travel Bottle. Foldable. Medical Grade Silicone. 500 ml.


We were looking for a multipurpose bottle, that’s why we made the bottle Vitbot Triskel, Sport, Kids & Travel. Our Vitbot Triskel, Sport, Kids & Travel bottle has many qualities and we are going to tell you what they are:

Made in China, the Vitbot Triskel, Sport, Kids & Travel is certified by responsible manufacturing *. The body of the bottle is made of medical grade liquid silicone, the highest quality silicone currently on the market, and the cap is made of BPA-free polypropylene.

The geometry of the “Triskel”, engraved on the bottle, reminds us that energy needs the vortex movement to create and recreate life, one of the fundamental principles that govern the universe together with the ovoid shape and proportion.

The Vitbot Sport, Triskel, Kids & Travel is:

Biomimetics: Inspired from nature. Ovoid in phi proportion.

Active: Provides measurable benefits.

Sustainable: Manufactured with circular economy criteria.


Light: approx. 100 g.


Capacity: 500 ml.

Versatile & Foldable: It can hold cold (-10º C) and hot (100ºC) drinks, and keeps them. (2 h. Approx. In the case of cold ones, and 1 h. Approx. Hot ones).

Reliable: There is no migration. Medical grade silicone is an inert material that prevents bacterial growth.

Thanks to its shape, its phi ratio and the complete turning movement with which the water can move inside it, just as it does in rivers and oceans, a great load of vital energy is printed to the water in your drinks. Thanks to the vortex that is generated, is obtained a uniform dissolution of electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, etc .. that are in drinks and, as a consequence, the human body assimilates the properties of water, juices, fermented, etc. more efficiently.

* We have all the certificates that guarantee the origin of the materials we use.

* The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. The cap must be washed by hand.

*Before using the bottle for the first time, we recommend immersing it (not the cap) for 10 minutes in a saucepan with boiling water and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. If the bottle is ever filled with any juice, tea or strong-flavored drink, the same process can be repeated to clean it and avoid odors or flavors.


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